3 Reasons We Loved Gay Days

Gay Days 2014 (At Disney Again)Last weekend, Dan from At Disney Again and me had the opportunity to do something pretty cool: We attended Gay Days for the first time ever.

Well, no. We attended the fifth day of the 2014 Orlando Gay Days in the Magic Kingdom. (And part of the sixth day in EPCOT.)

But the point is, neither of us have ever had the pleasure before, and we were totally blown away by three awesome things about the Magic Kingdom on Gay Days …

1. The Energy of the Parks
We didn’t make it for the opening ceremony. In fact, we didn’t roll in until around 11:30, and by the time we walked down Main Street, the party atmosphere was already in full effect. People were twerking in the street!

Not your average day at the Park:

And it wasn’t just on Main Street. The party spread through all the lands. We met the party in Fantasyland, in Liberty Square and in Adventureland, for sure. My favorite thing: The Country BEAR Jamboree. Nice, guys.

Gay Days 2014 (At Disney Again) Okay. I lied. This guy, who I call The Spirit of Gay Days, was my favorite thing:

Good energy.

2. Disney’s Sly Thumbs Up
Okay. We all know that Disney doesn’t officially sanction Gay Days … buuuuuut … well, the merchandise speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

That Rainbow Sherbet Float, by the way … yuck. YUCK.

3. The T-Shirts
Sure, sure. You wear red for Gay Days. I wore a red t-shirt. Dan wore his red Magic Band. The Park was a sea of red. But some folks went above and well beyond the call of color requirement. Some folks went full on aaaahhhh-mazing. Check it out:

And then there was this guy, who we ran into outside of EPCOT on Sunday:

Gay Days 2014 (At Disney Again)

You just keep shining, you crazy, uni-horned diamond!

Have you ever been to Gay Days? What’s your favorite thing about the Parks in full red?

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