3 More Reasons To See Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians has a lot going for it. It’s Marvel. It’s a big, explosive action movie. It’s got the story. It’s got the actors. It’s got the fun, sexy trailer. But for some of you, maybe that’s not enough. So. Here’s a few more reasons to consider checking it out if you haven’t yet.

The Soundtrack

r6m4vnzuvo8ksgst4angThe soundtrack is a music lover’s dream. Peter Quill (the “human-looking” one) is totally obsessed with late-80s culture and with the music of the 70s. Throughout the entirety of the film, we’re treated to selections from the awesome mix tape Peter’s mom made him, and frankly, this film made me want to dance. And it makes the characters want to dance, too. (Check out the soundtrack on Spotify.)

But it’s really more than just the music. It’s the overall sum of wistful mainstream culture remembrances mingled with bright, beautiful colors. Peter’s ship is called The Milano (after Alyssa), and a troll doll is central to a pivotal plot point. There’s even a running verbal gag regarding Footloose. It’s just a fun, funny, beautiful movie for pop junkies and kids-at-heart who appreciate a break from all of those heavy, seeeeerious comic book-inspired movies.

The Comedy

mgid-uma-image-mtvYou can’t tell from this photo, but every time The Collector is on screen, hilarity is about to ensue. Not that he’s exactly a comedic character … but let’s just say he’s down on his luck. The film is full of visual gags as well as great lines. The dialogue is slower than what we’re used to from The Avengers: Joss Whedon worked on the script, but he didn’t write it, so it’s not quite as smart but it’s still genuinely funny, charmingly silly and delightfully Firefly-ish in a motley sort of way. Also? John C. Reilly has a small role. And he’s absolutely hysterical, as always. There’s funny up, down and around this thing.

The Guardians

GuardiansHero2The Guardians themselves are the biggest and best reason to see this thing. They’re a joyfully patchwork team, each with their own interesting strengths and shortcomings. Oh, the shortcomings! But they pull themselves together, and as they do, they grow into a family. And the best part is, it happens organically. It’s not something like, “Oh, no! They killed Coulson! Let’s get ’em!” I mean, that was a perfectly good motivation for the Avengers. But this team comes together in a more loving, less begrudging way. For a movie that doesn’t seem to take itself (or anything) too seriously, the way they come together is really lovely. Truth time: Groot–the tree character voiced by Vin Diesel–brought tears to my eyes. I think it’s probably Vin Diesel’s best dramatic performance ever.

So, basically, even if you’re not chomping at the bit for a great summer action flick (which this definitely is), there are plenty of other reasons to check out The Avengers‘ slightly less serious but still totally bad ass little brother. If you skipped it last weekend, make it a point to hit the theatre in the coming days. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for the next installment–whether that means individual origin stories or more big-budget blockbuster-type fare. Bring it on, Marvel.

Have you seen Guardians yet? If so, let us know in the comments!