Food & Wine Countdown: Bunny Chow

Bunny-Chow-by-Malima-Wolf 2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Mini-Guide Book

Official Designation:
Bunny Chow

Country of Origin:
South Africa

Vegetable curry served in a small bread bowl

Status in 2012:
Sadly, this will not be making an appearance in 2012. Instead, the South Africa booth will offer a spinach and paneer cheese pocket and seared filet of beef. Fortunately, the totally vegan Terra booth will add some vegetarian options to the festival.

My Review:
Sad but true fact: I don’t really like curry. But I ordered this one for my husband, and I actually really enjoyed it. The dish was surprisingly mild: not at all overpowering. The spices were mellow, and the veggies had a decent crunch. I especially love this dish because it opened me up to a whole new type of cuisine. I probably won’t go out and order a curry tomorrow, but I won’t shy away if offered. Progress!

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