13 Hours in Disney World

You have only 13 hours in Disney World ... GO!

My husband and I are the king and queen of quick trips to Disney World. Our last three trips have been three-and-a-half-day trips, and we always manage to pack in everything we want to do … and top it off with margaritas before we get on the plane!

But that’s three days. Anything less seems almost like torture! And yet that’s the situation that Estelle from This Happy Place Blog finds herself in. She and her main man (not, as it turns out, named Mr. Estelle) have only 13 hours in Disney World during their upcoming Disney cruise.

At first blush, it sounds a little overwhelming: only 13 hours in Disney World with no hotel room to escape to, no pool to lie beside and no extra magic hours. What would I do?!  

My happy place, so to speak

Initially, my gut said Animal Kingdom. It’s my favorite first-day park because it’s completely diverting, immediately transporting me somewhere new and forcing me to let go of my stress.

But this is a Park where we typically take it slow: wander through Discovery Island, ride Everest, grab a drink, visit my boyfriends (also known as the lowland gorillas) and take it all in. It allows us to sloooooow waaaaay down.

After five-days enveloped in Disney magic aboard the aptly-named Disney Magic, is this really where we need to start? I think not.

In the end, I think we’d begin our hours where Estelle and James plan to begin theirs: the Magic Kingdom. Why? Because Rob, video game lover that he is, still hasn’t tried Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom. And I still haven’t seen Storybook Circus. Shame on us!

Between exploring the Park’s newest additions and our traditional ride through the Haunted Mansion, we could easily kill four or five hours in the original Orlando Park. But where to have lunch …

Best Street Party ever!

The Plaza, for sure! Rob loves a Rueben, and I have a feeling that, after five days on a ship, I’m going to need to put something green in my body. Enter the delicious Chicken Strawberry Salad.

And an ice cream float. Duh.

In a perfect World, the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Party would be just starting down Main Street as we finished lunch, and we could dance our way out of the Park and onto the monorail.

Next stop … The Contemporary!

Before 4 p.m., Outer Rim Lounge is our favorite place in WDW to cool down and catch a quick nap without hoofing it back to our resort. We own DVC at Bay Lake Tower, so we feel free to take off our shoes, put up our feet and relax whenever we’re in The Contemporary.

After a refreshing break from the heat, noise and excitement of the Parks … well, I couldn’t decide what to do next! Animal Kingdom is out since it closes so early, but would it be the neon lights of Hollywood Studios, a worldly jaunt around Epcot’s Showcase, or a romantic walk through Downtown Disney?

Main Street Electrical Parade

I couldn’t decide, so I asked my husband what he’d do with 5 or 6 evening hours in Walt Disney World, and his response was simple and immediate: Ride Splash Mountain and get a churro. So I guess we’re headed back into the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy!

And, since it seems we’re stuck in a Magic Kingdom frame of mind, I’m planning a classic evening: Liberty Square Riverboat, Jungle Cruise, Wishes from the Main Street Train Station and enjoying a citrus swirl while we watch the Main Street Electrical Parade in Frontierland.

I am so excited!!

Of course … this trip isn’t real. At least, not for me! But I hope Estelle and James have a great time on their upcoming adventure. And make sure you’re reading This Happy Place Blog so you don’t miss their report!

What would you do with 13 hours in Disney World?


Thanks to the lovely Estelle for the inspiration

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